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PosiGrip Adapter  - Restrained Connection - DI - Model 7390 - Item # PosiGrip Adapter - United Water Products
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Model 7390 PosiGrip Adapter Brochure

PosiGrip Adapter - Restrained Connection - DI - Model 7390

PosiGrip Adapter Restrained Connection



1. For use with PVC Pipe (AWWA C900) and HDPE Pipe (AWWA C906) same as AWWA DI pipe O.D.’s.

2. Material: High strength ductile iron, ASTM  536, Grade 65-45-12

3. Flange End: Drilled in accordance with ANSI B16.1 Class 125

4. Rated @ 250 psi WWP


The PosiGrip Method


PosiGrip is a method of joining flanged fittings, flanged valves, and other equipment with integral flanged ends to plain-ended, HDPE pipes and PVC pipes, with all the advantages to ductile iron and steel pipes with welded, grooved, or screwed systems.


How it Works


Like all the best ideas, the working principal of PosiGrip is a simple one. Slide the flange and gasket over the plain-ended pipe so that the end of the pipe and flange are in line. When the PosiGrip is brought to mate against the existing flange, and the flange bolts are tightened, it creates a compression seal against the mating flange and down on the pipe surface. 

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PosiGrip Adapter

Model 7390


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