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Gate Valve - AWWA C509 - DI - NRS - Model 1010-T/1510/1310 - Item # Gate Valve C509-Resilient Seat - Water Works - United Water Products
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Model 1010 Maintenance & Operation Manual

Model 1010FF-N Valve Data Sheet

Model 1510 Valve Data Sheet

Model 1310 Large Diameter Valve Data Sheet

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Gate Valve - AWWA C509 - DI - NRS - Model 1010-T/1510/1310

FM Approved


AWWA Certified

NRS resilient seated gate valves by United Water Products are made to the highest standards in quality manufacturing for the Water Works industry.  Many engineers question the difference between the AWWA C509 Standard for resilient seated gate valves and the AWWA C515-09 Standard. Their concern is that the AWWA C515-09 Standard is somehow for a “Thin Wall” or cheaper version of the valve, which is sort of like the old axiom, “more is better”.  This simply is not the case.

Gate valves were first covered by the AWWA in Standard C500 in 1952. This Standard was for metal to metal seated gate valves, commonly called “double disc”. These were cumbersome valves, and one can only imagine the problems caused with forcing two metal discs against a metal seat.

Resilient Seated gate valves were first covered by AWWA Standard C509 in 1985. The predominant metal used to cast valves at that time was “Gray Cast Iron”. Therefore the Standard was written around this gray cast iron material, which has a tensile strength of 31,000 psi, no yield strength whatsoever, and no capability for elongation.


Resilient Seat Gate Valve
Non Rising Stem

Flange x Flange

The United Model 1510 is available flanged only and conforms to ANSI Class 250/300. The United Model 1310 (Large Diameter) is available flanged only and are 30"~54".

1.  Conforms to AWWA C509, MSS-SP-70, MSS-SP-128
2.  Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior, AWWA C550. 
3.  2” square nut or optional handwheel at customer’s request.
4.  Open right valves supplied with red operating nut.
5.  Temperature: 2°C (35°F) to 82°C (180°F)
6.  Working Pressure: 3”~24” - 250 psi, 30"~48" - 150 psi (3"~16" FM rated)
7.  Conforms to the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (Lead Free)

8.  Model 1010 flanged ends conform to ANSI Class 125/150 flat faced.

9.  Sizes 14"~24" are furnished with ISO 5211 F16 top flange for mounting                         actuators.

Product variations and sizes




AWWA C509/C515 MJ Gate Valve

Model 1010MM


AWWA C509/C515 Flanged Gate Valve

Model 1010FF


AWWA C509/C515 Flanged Gate Valve - ANSI 250/300

Model 1510FF


AWWA C509/C515 Large Diameter Flanged Gate Valves

Model 1310FF


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