AWWA Resilient Seated Gate Valve - Model 2010

The United Model 2010 AWWA Resilient Seated Gate Valve offers State of the Art design and construction. Manufactured to exceed the requirements of AWWA C515 Standard, the body, bonnet, and wedge are of high strength ductile-iron. The wedge is totally encapsulated with EPDM rubber to provide a leak proof seal every time. The stem and specially designed bonnet studs are of Stainless Steel; there are no exposed nuts or fasteners. The Model 2010 is Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated to AWWA C550 Standard, offering the ultimate in corrosion protection.

The United Model 2010 is UL Listed at 300 psi, the highest rated pressure in the industry (2.5”-12” Sizes) and is FM Approved at 250 psi (4”-12” Sizes). It is NSF-61 Certified for use in Drinking Water Systems.

The United Model 2010 is available in Mechanical Joint, Flanged, Mechanical Joint x Flanged, Push-On, and Tapping Valve end configurations.

The United Model 2010 is available in Mechanical Joint, Flanged, Mechanical Joint x Flanged, and Tapping Valve configurations. 14” through 24” Sizes are UL Listed and are available with Spur or Bevel Gear Operators.

Note: For a comparison of AWWA C515 vs.the older AWWA C509 Standard, please scroll down.

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AWWA C515 Standard / AWWA C509 Standard Comparison

Many engineers question the difference between AWWA C509 Standard for resilient seated gate valves, and AWWA C515 Standard. Their concern is that the AWWA C515 Standard is somehow for a “Thin Wall” or cheaper version of the valve. Sort of like the old axiom “more is better”. This simply is not the case.

Gate valves were first covered by the AWWA in Standard C500 in 1952. This Standard was for metal to metal seated gate valves, commonly called “double disc”. These were cumbersome valves and one can only imagine the problems caused with forcing two metal discs against a metal seat.

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Resilient Seated gate valves were first covered by AWWA Standard C509 in 1985. The predominant metal used to cast valves at that time was “Gray Cast Iron”. Therefore the Standard was written around this gray cast iron material, which has a tensile strength of 31,000 psi, no yield strength whatsoever, and no capability for elongation.

AWWA C515 utilizes the far superior ductile iron as its design basis. To compare the two materials briefly:

Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
Gray Cast Iron 31,000 psi 31,000 psi 0%
Ductile Iron 65,000 psi 45,000 psi 12%

As ductile iron is more than 2x stronger than gray cast iron, the wall thickness of the valves does not need to be anywhere near as thick to produce equal or superior performance of the valve in all aspects.

Nom. Size (in.) AWWA C509 Wall Thickness (in.) AWWA C515 Wall Thickness (in.)*
3 .37 .30
4 .40 .31
6 .43 .32
8 .50 .34
10 .63 .36
12 .68 .38
16 .85 .50
*Thicker than AWWA C151 Class 52 Ductile Iron Pipe.

AWWA C515 also better defines the rubber materials used to obtain the resilient seat, including the vulcanizing process. In addition, it recognizes the use of split thrust collars, and stainless steel stems / bolting material.

To summarize, AWWA C509 is a Standard for valves that is approaching a quarter century since its inception, and was adopted for valves made out of gray cast iron, a material rarely used nowadays in pressure fittings and vessels for AWWA applications. AWWA C515 was adopted to recognize the superior performance characteristics and strength of ductile iron, and is a better defined Standard, referencing more modern technology.

An analogy can be made between AWWA ductile iron resilient seated valves and AWWA water main fittings. The “old style” “full body” AWWA C110 fitting, made from gray cast iron, is virtually a thing of the past in the waterworks industry. It has been replaced by “Compact Ductile Iron Fittings” made to AWWA C153 Standard. The same can be said for resilient seated valves. The “Old Style” gray cast iron AWWA C509 valves are being replaced by AWWA C515 valves of a more efficient design.

With regard to the UNITED MODEL 2010 AWWA C515 RESILIENT SEATED GATE VALVE, the proof is in the design and independent test results. It is the only AWWA C509 or C515 valve that is UL Listed at 300 psi and FM Approved at 250 psi (4”-12” sizes). Further advantages include:

  • Stainless Steel Stem as Standard
  • Stainless Steel Studs / Bonnet Fasteners, no exposed nuts.
  • EPDM Rubber Seat Bonded to Wedge / Disc
  • DuPont Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating (AWWA C550), NSF-61
  • All surfaces Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated after machining. No exposed metal surface.
  • Triple O-Ring Seal (Bonnet, Cap, Stem)