United Redi-Flange Adapter

redi-flange adapter for connecting pipe
The United Redi-Flange Adapter joins plain-ended ductile-iron or steel pipe to flanged valves, fittings, or equipment. It is UL Listed (2” through 12” sizes) for both buried and above ground piping and offers the following advantages:
  • Job-Site fabrication using only a pipe cutter and a wrench
  • Built-in end restraint. Special heat treated, cup point set screws provide full thrust restraint at the joint.
  • Bolt Holes can be rotated and aligned easily, before inserting and tightening the flange bolts
  • Pipe Mis-Alignment of up to 5° can be accommodated
  • High Strength Ductile-Iron Construction
  • SBR Mechanical Joint Gasket included…no other gasket required.
UL Listed